ISO Professional Hair Tools: Full Styling Set “Peacock” + ITAY Natural 8-Stack Eye Shimmer “Terra Linda”

ISO Professional Hair Tools: White Pearl Full Hair Styling Set
Iso Beauty Complete Hair Styling Set
Includes Curling Iron (25/18mm), Ceramic Spectrum Pro Flat Iron (1.25 Inch Plates) and Mini Straightener (0.5 inch plates)

Product Details
Mix of Tourmaline Titanium Ceramic, a perfect combo set to for all your hair styling needs.
Get the benefits of both ceramic and tourmaline plates to achieve the look you want while leaving your hair looking healthy, shiny, and soft.
Infrared Technology protects hair and controls frizz.
Dual voltage 110v-240v

ITAY Mineral 8-Stack “Terra Linda”
Itay 8 stack Terra Linda: For whatever occasion, the diverse selection of Terra Linda has the perfect color for you. From light shimmers to bold colors, Terra Linda is the way to start your makeup collection off right! Colors include: G4 Sky Glitter #46 Desert #78 Simplicity #87 Carmelita #119 Cashmere # 132 Pure #149 Laly #150 Queen.
Every beauty bag needs a secret weapon. A makeup that is fun, easy and safe. A makeup that is more than just a makeup. The ITAY Mineral Eye Shimmer does it all, including nourishing your delicate skin. Unlike some mineral makeup lines, every ITAY Mineral product is made from the highest quality 100% natural mineral powders.
The oil-free formula contains no harmful dyes, chemicals or talc, which cause most other products to irritate your skin. Each powder is also water-resistant and contains a high level of antioxidants, so not only will it look fresh throughout the day and night but it will keep your skin safe from damaging free radicals in the environment. With so many shades to choose from, ITAY Minerals will give you a lasting, luminous glow for beauty and confidence in any occasion. If you don’t believe it really does it all, check out some of our recommended uses or create your own!

Amazon Price: $ 119.99

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